To spread awareness about the silent Hepatitis epidemic that is affecting Asian Pacific Islander, Black, and Hispanic populations at disproportionately high rates, our Ambassador team decided to create a virtual workshop to educate people about Hepatitis transmission, prevention, and treatment. Many people do not have access to this health information due to their socioeconomic status and thus do not know to get checked or screened for diseases like Hepatitis. Although Hepatitis is a 100% preventable disease, due to lack of awareness, many people are not aware that they have contracted the virus until it has already caused significant liver damage or even liver cancer. Through our workshop, we hope to combat the Hepatitis epidemic and equip people with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their health.
Our workshop has been shown at various community centers around the world, including the  Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center (AASCSC) in Southern California, Baylor Hospital in Texas, Hillsong Church in South Africa, Generations School in South Africa, and several other schools in Nigeria, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
Access our 16-minute recorded workshop below: