Our Mission

GEMCO is a student-run charity organization dedicated to improving world health and reducing health inequities by raising awareness about pressing healthcare issues, empowering student advocates, and sending direct aid to vulnerable populations.

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Meet Katelyn Ge

Co-Founder of GEMCO

Katelyn is a high schooler from Orange County, California with a passion for music, humanities, anthropology, and science. She is the cofounder of the Global Equality for Medical Care Organization, which raises awareness to communities with struggling healthcare systems and fundraises for healthcare resources. 


Katelyn has been a volunteer at the Office of Public Affairs at Long Beach Veteran’s Affairs Hospital for the past three years. In addition to assisting patients in the clinic, she also wrote informative articles on their website about the healthcare system, HIV and AIDS, etc. 


In the summer of 2019, Katelyn joined a medical mission trip to Puno, Peru, where she assisted in both the recovery room and in medical procedures and performed music. Through these experiences, she witnessed the needs of vulnerable populations for proper medical care and limitations of the global healthcare system. Katelyn hopes to raise awareness for a better healthcare system for underserved populations. 


At school, she founded the Lawrenceville Music Society club and routinely performs music at senior centers in New Jersey. With her experiences with music for over 11 years, she aims to bring enjoyment to others through her love of the arts. 

Beyond community service, Katelyn is an avid creative writer, musician, and a school varsity team fencer.  


Meet Melody Chang

Co-Founder of GEMCO

Melody Chang is a high schooler from Southern California. Passionate about public health, she strives to harness her entrepreneurial spirit to innovate in community service.


In 2018, she attended the Youth Leadership Conference on Asian Pacific Islander Health at Stanford University, where she engaged in both the lab & social science sectors of biomedical research and saw how it could be applied to fix the fatal flaws of healthcare in underdeveloped areas. As the co-founder of GEMCO, she hopes to continue bringing attention to the inequalities of the global healthcare system and provide equal medical resources for everyone.


Particularly interested in the aging population, she is a Young Ambassador of the Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center, through which she serves as a community leader in raising awareness of the needs of the Asian American elderly and assisting their access to essential health care and social services. 


At school, Melody is president of Math Club and leads an outreach program where she teaches competition math to underprivileged girls at a local elementary school. She is a Girl Scout Senior and represented her school at the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership State Conference. In her spare time, she loves to read, write, play piano, and explore foods from different cultures.