Peru Fundraiser:
June - July 2020
Alongside with the Angels of Charity & Music Organization, we raised over $2000 to donate to Peru to buy medical supplies, blankets, and food amidst their coronavirus crisis.
AASCSC x Census:
May - June 2020
We worked alongside the Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center to provide information to over 1000+ seniors about filling out the 2020 Census & making sure their voices are represented.
PPE Donations: 
April - May 2020
We donated hundreds of pieces of PPE (face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizers) to retirements homes & doctors offices. We also hosted our own face shield making workshop!
Peru Medical Mission:
August 2019
We were inspired to start GEMCO through this mission. Katelyn joined the Angels of Charity and Music group along with 70 other medical professionals to Puno, Peru. 
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