We hosted a fundraiser for Peru, which holds a special place in our co-founder Katelyn’s heart. Last summer, she accompanied the Angels of Charity and Music Organization on a medical mission trip to Peru, where they helped treat children with cleft palates & other congenital malformations. This was such a rewarding & touching experience for Katelyn, and she couldn’t wait to go back this year. However, after reaching out to the organization’s leader, she was alarmed to find out that not only were they unable to go on any mission trips, but the people in Peru are being disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. 


Due to the underfunded healthcare system, the people in Peru lack sufficient medical supplies to treat the COVID-19 patients. To add on, due to border closures, millions of people are starving to death because they aren’t able to receive imports of food.

We have raised over $2000 in donations, succeeding in our fund goal. We worked with the Angels of Charity and Music and Lions Club of Puno, two prominent charity groups, to raise money to help Peruvians during this difficult time. All funds have been sent to Peru and will be used to buy much needed care packages of food, blankets, and medical supplies for the people there.

in collaboration with the Angels of Charity & Music Organization


and Lion's Club of Puno