After making many calls & sending hundreds of solicitation emails, we reached generous donors who provided us with lots of PPE (face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer). We then reached out to retirement homes & hospitals in need and packaged these donations to be dropped off there. Thank you to community donors for your generosity and support! Your donations will help save many lives. 
We also hosted our own face shield fabrication workshop! With the help of our volunteers, we made over 100 face shields to donate to nursing homes & healthcare workers! We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers for all their hard work & support.
For our first round of donations, we visited the Regents Point Retirement Home. We donated hand sanitizer, face masks, face shields, and gloves. We really hope these PPE will help protect the vulnerable seniors from falling ill with COVID-19!
Our second stop for donations was the Country Villa Plaza Convalescent Center. We were surprised with a warm welcome from all the staff members, and we really appreciate the gratitude they expressed towards us. Especially for this retirement home located in underfunded Santa Ana, we hope these PPE will allow them to keep their seniors safe without worrying about having enough supplies.
For our next stop, we visited the local office of a geriatrician and family medicine doctor. We dropped off several boxes of face shields, face masks, and gloves so these doctors can keep themselves, their staff, their patients, and their families safe & healthy.
Our next stop was the Asian American Service Center for Senior Citizens. We donated several boxes of gloves, face masks, homemade face shields, and hand sanitizers to them, which they will then distribute to an apartment complex in Santa Ana that houses over 600 seniors! The AASCSC staff were very friendly and excited to receive our donations.
Our last stop for this batch of donations was the Meridian Senior Living Center in Anaheim Hills. Along with our face shields, face masks, and gloves, we also donated several iPads so the isolated seniors could communicate safely with doctors and see their families. 
Thank you so much to the Sino-USA Next Generation Foundation for presenting us with the "Shine a Light" award! We are so honored to be recognized as future changemakers for our community service during this pandemic. We each received $50 of prize money, which we have donated towards our Peru fundraiser.